Gabriella Mascia

Insights Planner - PrettyGreen

What is your proudest professional achievement?

As a planner, it's such a pinch-me moment when you can see the real-world impacts of your strategy and insights on consumer behaviour — from influencing their social media conversations, to shaping what they're Googling. Leading the strategy for our Furby Christmas campaign is a perfect example of this. With rising Google searches for 'ai anxiety' and viral coverage of an AI-powered Furby's plan to 'take over the world', the strategy was to help Furby playfully hijack Christmas (and social media) by replacing iconic Christmas trees across Europe with "Furbtrees". Driving over 200K social engagements and 285% Google search spike for Furby, we delivered a viral conversation moment that helped make Furby the #2 toy at Christmas.

If you could change any one thing about the comms industry, what would it be?

The belief that comms can't have a positive commercial impact. There's a misconception that PR is a fluffy channel that can't have an impact on sales, which I think stems from a lack of robust measurement. Not only does research show that share-of-voice can be an indicator of market share, but everything from website traffic to purchase consideration to conversions can be positively impacted by comms channels. It's just about having the right in place to prove it!

What's the secret to good client/agency relationships?

Never underestimate the power of setting clear objectives. Aligning with your client on their expectations from the jump is essential for building a strong relationship, it's how we work with everyone from Hasbro, to PizzaExpress to Compare the Market. When KPIs are set collaboratively before any activity launches, you can be sure that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. This way client relationships are more like partnerships, with everyone working towards a shared goal.

How are you using AI in your role at present?

Our industry can be a real playground for creativity, and as an Insights Planner I'm naturally curious about the new ways I can use the tools at my disposal. AI plays a crucial part in my role at PrettyGreen, from research and data mining to developing visual concepts, but recently, I've been exploring using an AI natural language processor to analyse the sentiment of our social campaign engagement. For instance, using AI to detect positive brand mentions in social comments, and language cues that predict purchase consideration. Ironically, I think AI can be a really powerful tool for understanding human behaviour, and proving the human impact of our campaigns to clients beyond mass awareness metrics.

What is the motto you live by?

When something seems impossible, a promotion, a new skill, adding "yet" to the end of the sentence helps me gain perspective and quickly kill imposter syndrome. It's the mindset that helped me run my first half-marathon within 6 months of picking up running (with a marathon hopefully on the cards) and gives me the confidence to keep learning and progressing in my career.