Joe Milner

Account director, digital & ethical health - BCW

What is your proudest professional achievement?

Working in healthcare, it is always most rewarding to work on campaigns which really matter. Working in the team responsible for the launch of the 'world's most expensive drug' in the UK‚ a life changing treatment for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) was one highlight, as well as co-leading a team responsible for communications around the U.S. launch of a long-acting monoclonal antibody for the prevention of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

In your view, how can PR employers better retain talent?

For me, it is all about giving employees growth and development opportunities. Without these opportunities, employees feel like organisations are not invested in them and can feel dissociated.

How are you using AI in your role at present?

I use AI on a daily basis. As part of WPP, I am lucky to have access to their 'creative studio' which gives me access to multiple generative AI platforms, including OpenAI, Claude and Google. These are fantastic for RFP research, media analysis and mock up image generation, and I have recently been experimenting with the 'persona' function, where you can test the impact of creative ideas against a range of different audience groups.

What's the secret to good client/agency relationships?

Transparency is key. Understanding the root cause of our clients' problems which they need solving is key to being able to plan effectively and deliver the most successful results. At the same time, our clients being able to understand our processes, structure and briefing requirements is key to them being able to give us the tools to set us up for success.

Which social media platform do you use more than others, and why?

Instagram. I feel like I can control the content I see more than other platforms (like TikTok and LinkedIn, which aren't for me) and ultimately see content which interests me and makes me feel good.

What is the motto you live by?

'If you can't be happy with your morning coffee, you won't be happy on a yacht'‚ essentially, if we can't feel happiness from the little things in life‚ like a morning coffee‚ then we can't seriously expect to be fulfilled by luxuries. I like this motto as it keeps me quite grounded.