Diversity at these awards

The PRWeek 30 Under 30 Awards are designed to be open for all - and we actively encourage entrants from all backgrounds, particularly those that are underrepresented in the PR industry. We do this to ensure that these awards keep their promise of a level playing field for all entrants. Below we have listed the ways we intend to do this.


These awards are designed to be open for all – and we actively encourage talent from all backgrounds to enter our awards and strive to have a balanced and represented entrant pool. As part of Haymarket and PRWeeks commitment to encourage equity, diversity and inclusion in the industry, we asked all of our entrants to fill in a completely anonymous short survey about their background.

We feel requesting this information helps us measure the effectiveness of our outreach, as well as to ensure we are bettering our diversity and inclusion year on year. Each year we will ensure to send out the same survey so that we can track our progress, all of which will be clearly shown here on the website. This survey plays no part in the judging process and is sent out after the final entry deadline.

In 2023, the PRWeek 30 Under 30 Awards included the most diverse pool yet

27% of our entrants were of non-white backgrounds

68% were Female

The average age was 27

23% of entrants identify as LGBTQ+

10% of entrants identify as Neurodiverse

The Judges

In 2023 35% of our judging panel were Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds. We also are proud to say that we had a panel of 60% Female judges.