Alexis King

Account Director - Grayling

What is your proudest professional achievement? 

Alongside being shortlisted for this award, I would say helping to secure a commitment from the Labour Party in a recent policy paper and even a mention by name for our client. 

In your view, how can PR employers better retain talent? 

If I had to pick three key things, it would be making sure people have relatable mentors and role models, giving team members a clear pipeline for progression (and sticking to it), and ensuring not to overwork junior colleagues. 

Which social media platform do you use more than others, and why? 

Twitter/X - despite its downfalls, it's still a great way to keep up with what's going on in the news and politics. 

What's the secret to good client/agency relationships? 

Mutual respect and honesty. It's important that the agency team is able to advise the client if you see something which could be improved, and to be clear about what you can realistically deliver. I'd also say getting on well at a personal level and having a laugh helps massively. 

If you could change any one thing about the comms industry, what would it be? 

When you're more junior in the industry there can be a pressure to specialise in a specific discipline or policy area, but there's real value in a truly integrated campaigning approach and learning different skills. 

What is the motto you live by? 

The person shouting the loudest isn't always right.