Ellie Ball

Media Manager, Virgin Group - Virgin

What is your proudest professional achievement?

I am so lucky to lead on our Dyslexic Thinking Campaigns at Virgin, working with the incredible team at Made By Dyslexia, Richard, and our Virgin companies to reframe Dyslexic Thinking as a valuable workplace skill. We've collaborated with some incredible partners including LinkedIn and Dictionary.com to create real change for people with dyslexia, and won over 15 industry awards for the work, including a Cannes Titanium Lion for game-changing creativity, that was a very special day. What's more, we get letters every day from people who have been so positively impacted by Richard & Virgin's work in this area, from young children to older adults who used to be afraid to share their experience with dyslexia with those around them. It's a real honour to work on a project that so closely aligns with Virgin's purpose of Changing Business for Good.

In your view, how can PR employers better retain talent?

There is so much value in creating and upholding an inclusive culture at all levels of the business. I'm lucky to work in a place where we are all encouraged to show up as our full selves to work; everyone feels like they have a voice and a place at the table. It's a culture that fosters growth and inspires ambitious people. I work with great people and very inspiring leaders, who will give their time to anyone who asks for it. Great people attract great people!

What is the motto you live by?

You must do the things you think you cannot do. Don't let doubt get in the way of having a big fat go at something! You'll learn from mistakes, and gain courage and confidence by putting yourself out of your comfort zone. I was lucky to be part of a small session with Marc Pritchard at last year's Cannes Lions Brand Marketers Academy. Speaking about leadership, he shared with us the importance of 'having courage in your convictions'. This is something I wish I'd realised the value of in earlier in my career. You can be humble and deliver with humility, but still have courage in your convictions. I try to keep this front of mind whenever I can. I also very much believe that if you give out to the world, at some point, you'll get it back,turn up with energy, share your thoughts, lend your ear, share your ideas, and at some point, you'll see the ROI.

What's the secret to good client/agency relationships?

Mutual excitement and enthusiasm. A joint vision and ambition for the impact you're looking to create. There's something so special in sitting at a table and getting carried away about what you can achieve together.

If you could change any one thing about the comms industry, what would it be?

Collaboration. In particular, collaboration to create positive change. What brands can achieve when they join forces is quite remarkable. There are so many great examples already, more more more!